I didn't pledge

21 Jun 2007 - 8:40pm
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Victor Lombardi

Psyche! I did pledge, that was a cheap trick to get your attention...

I'm doing a talk at an IxDA event in New York next week and, like a
good designer, I want to understand my audience. The talk is called
"Getting Good Designs Built" and I plan to discuss some specific ways
we can work with others in an organization to improve our chances of
getting higher quality projects to completion despite all the non-
design obstacles.

What I'd like to know from you is one thing: what's the single most
important thing you'd like to learn or be able to do after this
event? Let me know at: victor at victorlombardi.com. I'll post the
replies on a public wiki, so let me know if you want to keep yours

thanks in advance,

**Getting Good Designs Built*
Tuesday, June 26th, 2007 at 6:30pm
Location provided on RSVP (send RSVPs to nyc-rsvp at ixda.org)

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