I'm pledging today

22 Jun 2007 - 12:35am
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Elizabeth Bacon

Dear IxDA list,

I pledged today!! I've been involved with this group since its
initial inception as a Yahoo! group, and today I have more reasons
than ever to support the IxDA...

-- the quest for IxD self-definition was noble and necessary (and
thank heavens we're past this phase!)
-- the tone of our online dialog has always been elevated and
impressively erudite
-- I've been lifted up professionally and personally through my
contacts with this community
-- I'm regularly inspired and invigorated when meeting fellow IxDs in
my local community as well as other forums
-- we all have much yet to accomplish to elevate the standing of IxD
practices in the business world

I believe in the power of this organization to help both the ends and
the means -- to not only improve the world for everybody who uses
interactive systems, but also for each of us to enjoy our work more
and achieve greater professional satisfaction. But the IxDA can't do
that without financial support from its members.

So, go team go, and please contribute to help us end this pledge week
with a bang! ;)


p.s. If you don't often hear me pipe up on the discussion list these
days, it's usually just because so many of you all are quicker on the
keys -- after all, great minds think alike, and so do ours!!

p.p.s. A special LOVE LETTER from me goes out for the beta.ixda.org
site! I just got myself a shiny new Mac and when I went to go trawl
through all your excellent inputs about what software I had to get
(see <http://beta.ixda.org/discuss.php?post=17032>), its beautiful
threaded interface allowed me to grok all that data in one go. YAY! :)

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