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28 Jun 2004 - 1:22pm
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Dave Malouf

Hey there peeps,

I had a couple of suggestions from people to try and keep this list focused
on IxD and not let the content go off in all directions. This does not
happen often here b/c of self selection mainly but every so often a topic
like "should I use this color or that color" comes up. While this may have
"DESIGN" relevance it is rare that it has IxD relevance, so I'm putting my
moderator goggles on and will try to guide people in the right direction and
interrupt threads from time to time that just seem like they are too
generic. There are other places for those discussions. So if you can please
try to use this list for specific IxD related things I and others would be
very grateful.

For what exactly IxD is, you can try going to our home page, The definition is somewhere in there about
what we do and what our organization is. Its all a draft for now, but still
a draft is something.

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