Call for book chapters - Socio-Technical Design and Social Networking Systems

23 Jun 2007 - 6:51pm
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Elizabeth Whitworth


Anyone on this list with a head full of ideas who is interested in writing a
book chapter? The 'Handbook of Research on Socio-Technical Design and Social
Networking Systems' is looking for authors. You can find the call for
chapters here: (my father is one of the

The title talks about research, but a big focus of the book is the
combination of theory and practice. The editors are specifically looking for
practitioner input, and are open to helping authors to develop the
theory/research aspects of their chapters or articles:

"We invite new perspectives on how social ideas can enlighten technical
design, evaluation and operation, and how technical practices can inspire
new forms of social interaction...This book asks not how to make technology
more efficient, nor how technology affects society, but how social concepts
could change technology design, use and evaluation...We invite both
theorists and practitioners to submit original articles that connect social
theory and technical practice. If the author feels their ideas reach beyond
current practice, we invite them to suggest how they can be put into
practice. If the author feels their practice is beyond current theory, we
invite them to explain why their technology worked (or not). Either way,
this book is not about theory or practice alone, but their integration."

I hope some of you consider submitting a chapter, either alone or together
with some colleagues - interaction design theory tends to be WAY behind
practice, and the theory taught (to me at least) in university really
reflects this. It would be nice if this could change.

Please send email correspondence regarding the book/chapters directly to:
soctech08 at

Thanks, liz

Elizabeth Whitworth - Usability Analyst

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