A little help reviewing our design process

28 Jun 2007 - 2:15pm
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Hello all,

I've been working on a UCD process for my new job for the last couple weeks.
I'm starting to get batty in the head sorting all the activities and tools
and what they are, how they should be used, the different terminology and
philosophies behind them, and so forth.

I'm wondering if I am missing anything or have too much/duplicate
activities/deliverables and could really use a sanity check. Below is my
listing of the process, hopefully in the correct order, with things that are
ongoing or crossing phases marked as such.

I would really appreciate any feedback as to how I sit with the process. I
can repost the diagram if anyone wants to see it. Here it is:

- Problem definition/Vision Statement

- (If existing site – check user feedback and review quantitative

- Business Requirements

- User Research ala user interviews, fields studies, etc.

- Use Cases

- Competitive analysis

- Mental Model

- Personas

- Task Analysis Grid (like Todd Warfel's)

- Content Inventory and Analysis

- Functional Spec (ongoing early on, may not be done by me but PM)

- Card sort

- User Flows/Scenarios

- Prototyping (ongoing)

- Set usability goals

- Site Map

- Visual Comps

- Wireframes

- Usability testing (ongoing)

Most of this is happening in our planning and development phases. I've left
off content migration, QA and launch, etc. for clarity. Again any feedback
is appreciated.



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