JOB: Information Architect (FT position for POP in Seattle, WA)

29 Jun 2007 - 11:28am
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Minoru Uchida

Information Architect

This position balances user-centered design principles with overall
business goals and objectives as they are realized in expected user
behaviors and the structures of online interactive media. This involves
defining users and producing user scenarios, as well as information
structures, navigational models, content wireframes, content layout,
working prototypes and written specifications. This position helps
create the foundation for usable interactive systems.

- Creates content wireframes and schematics that illustrate the flow,
layout, navigation controls, and information relationships of the
content and content elements
- Presents site map and schematics
- Communicates to the client the business goals and how they are being
- Communicates the leadership that is required for client trust
- Creates information structures through content hierarchies, site maps
and navigational models that are aligned with the defined, and or
expected user experience and business requirements
- Strategizes with client and team regarding task analysis and task
completion user flows
- Articulates user experience issues and concerns and overall design
principles to team members and clients
- Translates complex concepts into interactive experiences through the
design and/or implementation of Web site architectures
- Collaborates with designers on visual comps and contributes input from
an information design and Information Architecture point of view
- Focuses on HCI and user centered design principles, uses these
elements as foundation for design solutions and informational approach
- Consults on any changes to information flow during approval during
- Approves content design upon final content delivery and HTML build
- Overall responsibility to be sure projects are usable, organized and

- 2+ years of professional interactive design experience and/or
Interaction or User Experience design
- 3 years of professional Internet or multimedia design, including user
interface design and graphic design
- Bachelors or masters degree in Design, Interaction Design, or HCI
education may each be counted as two years toward required combination
of training and experience
- Excellent working knowledge of Photoshop, Visio, Illustrator/Freehand,
HTML, cascading style sheets and browser capability standards;
Additionally, user experience and user flow scenarios design required
- Strong written and verbal communication skills required

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