Certification was hourly rates, price and value

8 Jul 2007 - 3:32pm
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> now if I said i needed to hire an "industrial designer" your boss
> would probably understand immediately what that person will be doing.
> If I fit in "interaction designer" I bet many of us would not have
> that same instant recognition.

You would think so, given the longer existence of the profession, but it is
just as elusive; to some, "industrial designer" means "form giver", while to
others, it means "problem solver" (and to me, it means "interaction
designer", which just confounds things more).

Core77 discusses the idea of certification at least once a year; here are
some relevant threads:


In fact, the parallels between IxDA and IDSA are becoming obvious. It would
be useful to learn from any "mistakes" that IDSA has made in the past (for
example, some vocal designers don't feel that IDSA provides them with
anything of value to substantiate very high membership dues; I have also
heard that the cost of the conference is out of control), and to build on
the successes (the annual salary survey is a huge hit, and the publications
Innovations has some excellent content in it).


Jon Kolko | http://www.thoughtsOnInteraction.com

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