Re: What makes a good prototyping tool?

2 Jul 2004 - 3:03pm
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ji kim

To me a good prototyping tool consist of following:
1. Does not geneate production quality code ( really ).
2. Provide out of the box basic UI components for several target platforms and devices.
3. Allow me to create custom UI components easily and quickly (hopefully without programming).
4. Also has basic drawing tool features.
5. If I I want to, I could maket it interactive with certain behaviors.

I really don't believe in tools that can do it all - for example, therea are certain vendors
out there who claim their products can create use cases, requiremetns, prototyping, flow dialgrams, and even generate code......wo. I've tried most of these products, and they really don't work in real life.

I'v been using my tablet pc for over a year now, and hopefully we'll see some good protoyping tools that combine Tablet's ability for pen-based drawing and other prototyping features.

cheers and happy 4th july weekend. - ji

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