Delays with moderated postings over the US Holiday weeekend

2 Jul 2004 - 4:17pm
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Dave Malouf

Hey there folks,

Usually over the weekend, I take over for our moderator Cuckoo, who handles
moderation during the week. Most people never have their messages moderated.
The only moderated (held) postings are those by first time posters. This is
to make sure that people don't subscribe-spam-unsubscribe.

In the US this is a holiday weekend, and I'm taking offf for holiday on it
and even adding on another day to make it a fours-some. Cuckoo may take up
the call on Monday and Tues, but definitely during the weekend itself no
moderated postings will go up.

So if you are a first time posters and you don't see your posting go up,
just wait it out till the middle of next week.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause people.

To all those celebrating in the US have a great 4th of July weekend.


-- dave

David Heller
dave at

AIM: bolinhanyc // Y!: dave_ux // MSN: hippiefunk at
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