Agile+UCD best practice sharing session in the SF Area in August - Responses requested

19 Jul 2007 - 4:32pm
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Andrew Sandler

[Apologies for the cross-posting]

Hi everyone -
My name is Andrew Sandler, and I manage the User Interface Design team
at Last October we made an organizational-wide switch to
Agile development methodologies, based mainly on Scrum. We did two small
releases that were "finished" under ADM, and we're wrapping up our first
end-to-end Agile release very soon. As part of my education, I've had a
number of interesting conversations with people on and off this list. The
more I discussed design and Agile, the more I realized that there are a
number of best practices for development, but less for design. Much of what
I've come to understand was organized through the efforts of Desiree Sy at
Autodesk in Toronto, and so I'd like to keep the conversation going in the
Bay Area. To that end, I'm volunteering to host a day-long working session
for design and user experience practitioners (UI, IA, Usability, Visual
Design, Content, etc.) at our offices in San Mateo at the end of August.
This isn't intended to be a gripe session (although I'm sure we can fit one
in), but rather a sharing of what works for you in your company. Any
non-proprietary artifacts and deliverables are welcome.

For those that are interested in attending, we have a brief survey to
understand everyone's background and to help tailor the day.
I'd like to keep the attendance under 50 (a wildly optimistic number) to
ensure that we have a productive day, so it's first come, first served.

Andrew Sandler
Manager, UI Design
asandler at

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