Zoomable UIs (Was Search vs. browse from an IxD perspective)

5 Jul 2004 - 7:44am
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Alain D. M. G. Vaillancourt wrote
> Yes, I have seen several proposed designd which would be better for
> browsing, and they are all variations of ZUIs or Zooming User
> Interfaces. Some of them even integrate (in different ways depending
> on the prototype) certain aspects of the current files/folder/windows
> arrangments . Others are radically different.
> All are still at the prototype stage and far from suitable for general
> desktop use, even when they have been worked on for more than a decade,
> like Hollan and Bederson's Pad ++ or when they are the fruit of a
> genial and intense individual, like Jef Raskin's THE project.

I've been playing around with zoomable user interfaces myself, but hadn't
seen these. Thanks for telling me about them. Has anyone else seen any other
zoomable interfaces?

Googling Pad ++ led me to this page about Piccolo applications:


There is a wealth of information about Pad ++ and Piccolo on the Web.

It was hard to find information about THE (The Humane Environment).



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