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6 Jul 2004 - 3:47pm
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Jim Hoekema

This might be considered off topic, but let me phrase it this way:

>From an IxD perspective, what is the best PC-based address book?
Particularly if you want to share between 2 or 3 people, on computers at
home and work, and on a Palm or two... and you want to be able to generate
mailing lists as well as send emails.

(Background: I'm finally resolving to find a systematic solution, after
maintaining a Mac almost exclusively to keep a program called InTouch
running for names & addresses etc, and another one called CalendarMaker for
making simple printable calendars. They stopped selling both products years
ago, but I liked them so much and never found anything as good on the PC.
But I really need to get all our stuff on one machine...)

- Jim Hoekema
Mobius Management Systems
Rye, NY
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