JOB: User Experience Architect, New York City, VMS, Full Time

23 Jul 2007 - 4:40pm
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Chris Nordling

User Experience Architect


Craft all User Experience designs for a media intelligence company
( <> ). Create prototypes of
those designs, conduct usability tests, and produce final documentation that
will guide off-site developers.

Key Skills:

Experience designing web based applications that include:

Searching nationwide media catalogs

Creating data driven dynamic reports in browser


Searching News and Advertisements

Web prototyping: Must be able to create standards compliant
XHTML/CSS/Javascript that can be used as a roadmap for developers

Knowledge of Tapestry/Java beneficial

Usability Testing: Must be able to justify, plan, and execute usability

Documentation: Must be able to articulate complex interactions with enough
detail for off-site development.

Formal job description to come, but interviewing will start immediately.

Send resumes to cnordling at



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