Remote controls

27 Jul 2007 - 6:48am
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Mark Schraad

speaking of remotes...

There is an article on the business week site about Steve Jobs'
dislike of buttons - both shirt and interface. I did a short inquiry
with friends (hardly scientific) and amongst our group we found that
most of us use far less than 20% of the buttons on our combined
remote controls. In my living room alone, I have four of them. But I
have two buttons I would like to add:

A) the advertisement kill button. When I have seen a commercial
beyond the point that I can stand it, or when I know I have no
interest, I press this button and never have to see the ad again.
This provides valuable information to the advertiser, no?

B) The semi-mute. Drops the volume to about 20% of where it was so
that I can still monitor the audio but but can pay due attention to
what else is going on in the room.

But they don't necessarily have to be raised plastic buttons... they
can be virtual buttons on the iRemote.

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