The world without oil (was: User Experience Strategy)

27 Jul 2007 - 4:07pm
8 years ago
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I watched the movie and personally found it very interesting.
And now I have a curiosity and a design / thinking challenge for all of us:
How do we see the world without oil? What would be different? How would
everything be designed? Please write about anything relevant to you, be it
everyday life, interactions, society, economy, urbanism, workplace or our
I am expecting some extremely interesting insights :)


On 7/25/07, Oleh Kovalchuke <tangospring at> wrote:
> As far as Wal-Mart and other mostly utilitarian experiences are concerned,
> someone like Kunstler ( )
> eventually comes along, puts the mirror in front of the ugly experience
> and
> inevitably the mostly "utilitarian" becomes overwhelmingly undesirable.
> Notice that the urban experience Kunstler is talking about is still usable
> (for the moment), functional, and "invisible" in a sense that it does not
> interfere with the daily life, yet it is very much undesirable. It is an
> experience not worth caring about.
> Oleh

Sergiu Sebastian Tauciuc


27 Jul 2007 - 10:22pm

I got a few people working on your challenge, Sebi.

Check it!

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