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21 Aug 2007 - 12:01pm
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Mark Schraad

Just a quick thought...

Its pretty easy for some of the seasoned members of this group to
become bored and discount some of these topics as tired and
fruitless. But I think there is great value here. First, having spent
a huge amount of time in the design field, but not in New York or
Silicon Valley, these conversations help many talented individuals
continue to grow beyond the limitations of their geography. Second,
there are many amongst this group that have yet to have these kind of
discussions. I think we all have to have the 'defining the damn
thing' discussion. I am thankful that smarter and more seasoned pros
indulged me years ago. Lastly, I think the conversational cycles are
great for the profession. They are iterative and slightly different
each time with new contributors. If we do it enough times, just like
design iterations, we might come closer to finding it ultimately
fruit full.

Most times, I find, it is not enough to just do the work.


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