ANNOUNCEMENT: BayCHI event on Rich InternetApplications (8/10)

20 Jul 2004 - 7:03am
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Well, if we're going to promote BayCHI events on here, Jeff Johnson is speaking at the BayCHI Usability BOF tonight. You can find the details on the BayCHI Web site, at:

I recently heard a BayCHI talk about the work they're doing at Laszlo Systems. Very interesting stuff. Sarah Allen, who's one of the panelists at the RIA event Dave mentioned, was one of the speakers. She was previously at Macromedia.

Pabini Gabriel-Petit
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Hi people,

I know we have a pretty large Bay Area population on here (sorry if you are not one of them), but I thought this might be of interest to people (BTW, people can feel free to send me events and I can post them to the list as well.)

The event is about Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).
It is in Palo Alto, CA on Aug 10th
For more information go to

I wish I could go but I can support this panel by posting here and other places.

Maybe someone who attends can give a report back.


-- dave


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