Once the design work is finished...

2 Sep 2007 - 2:11am
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Astley Le Jasper

It's all finished. The personas, the card sorting, several itterations
of testing, the content is rewritten and it sits humming away on a
lovely new CMS.

You hand over the sparkling documentation positively bursting with fab Visio
wireframes and sitemaps. And as you walk off into the sunset, the client
wonders ... what now? Where is the site going to be in twelve months time?

How do you make sure that all the good work doesn't get undone? Of course
you'd probably have a style guide and bolt down the interface itself, but
with a distributed authoring model, how do you manage content so the site
doesn't spiral out of control again?

My questions:

- Are they any additional 'rules' and guidance that could accompany the site
maps to keep contributors 'in line' and support self regulation?
- Is there any guidance out there on developing editorial models and
- Does anyone have any advice or pointers for the management and maintenance
of a site design and structure once it's been implemented? Anecdotes and


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