Once the design work is finished...assure a maintenance agreement is in place

3 Sep 2007 - 12:03am
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Noemi Selisker

When I worked with large agencies, we were usually the vendors of record
so anytime any sort of content needed to be updated, we'd be the ones to
do it. The plus with this is it allowed us to maintain the integrity of
the experience & look and feel. The big minus is the tedious
meetings/maintenance work that it took change even just one line of

Now with a tiny NZ company that doesn't have clients beyond the life of
the delivery of the product, this is a big issue. Our current
proprietary CMS gives the clients too much freedom to change layouts,
content etc. Perhaps the answer is scoping the CMS to allow the end
administrators the least amount of freedom. From what I've heard, Dot
Net allows for this restriction to be enforced. Anyone know more about
this or any other technologies that help to minimise the end
administrators ability to mess things up?

Noemi Selisker

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