FW: 2AD: The Second International Conference on Appliance Design, May11-13 2004, HP Labs Bristol UK

19 Nov 2003 - 9:55am
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Josh Seiden

Interesting conference.

Did anyone on the list attend the first event? Care to

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Dear colleague,

2AD: The Second International Conference on Appliance
Design takes place on May 11-13 2004 at HP Labs Bristol

Scott Jenson confirmed as keynote speaker at 2AD.
Scott Jenson is a freelance design consultant for the
mobile industry. He was previously director of
Symbian's DesignLab and led dozens of design and
research projects relating to mobile internet phones
and services including Quartz (the SonyEricsson P800).
He also worked in the Apple Newton Group on the
original Newton concept, and within Apple Computer on
numerous projects including System 7 and QuickTime. He
has 9 patents granted and 21 in application. He is
author of the recent book The Simplicity Shift
(Cambridge University Press).

Online registration for the conference is now open.
Please visit http://www.appliancedesign.org/2ad to
register for the conference and courses at the
Appliance Bazaar. Early registration rates apply until
1 February 2004.

We would also like to remind you that full paper
submissions are due 15 December 2003, with submissions
in other categories due 12 January 2004. If you are
intending to submit a paper, please mark these
deadlines on your calendar, and contact us if you have
any questions about submissions to the conference.

The Appliance Design Network

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