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18 Sep 2007 - 11:57am
8 years ago
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Greetings all:

I am working on a simple glossary for a client, and want to do some
due diligence in generating ideas for it. I thought I'd check with
the list to see if you have examples of good glossaries that you like
and that work well.

Currently the glossary (small, approximately 100 terms) is broken
into context of use categories, with an alphabetical list following
each header. I would like to introduce a model that doesn't require
scrolling down to find the appropriate category, but not obscure the
total terms available. My initial instinct is to use filters:
Category A, Category B, Category C, All terms. We don't have the dev
time to build in search functionality.

I know this is a very rough description, and though specific ideas
are welcome, mainly I just want to increase my mental store of good
glossary examples - so anything you like will be helpful.

Thanks much,
Ariel van Spronsen


18 Sep 2007 - 1:13pm
Morten Hjerde

The fastest way to navigate a glossary is alphabetically. Any other sorting
or grouping just adds unnecessary cognitive load.

Is this a web site? If so, put all 100 items on one page in alphabetical
order. You will get no user complaints and you will get search for free as

Morten Hjerde

18 Sep 2007 - 3:30pm
Carol J. Smith

Check out the UPA's Usability Body of Knowledge Glossary on the Preview

Carol Smith
Midwest Research

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