Your new list administrator - Josh Seiden

19 Sep 2007 - 2:43pm
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Dave Malouf

For the last few weeks, yours truly has NOT been administering or
moderating the IxDA discussion list (and many other IT like
activities), but Josh Seiden has been doing that amazing job.

I don't know why I put this off, but I want to officially let everyone
know that Josh is your new "List Mom" so the saying goes.

It is always best to send requests, questions or comments about our
list or web site (beta & gamma versions) to list (at) ixda (dot) org
and not to people's personal address.

Also, doing a bang up job of being our new web site administrator is
Jeff Howard. So if you have issues w/ the new site, he'll probably be
in the communication chain as well.

We would be no where without good people taking the time to do this
work, creating initiatives and following through on them.

Thanx Josh and Jeff (J&J) for all the great work.

This is also my way of saying, "Stop with the emails to me!" ... but nicer.
I have moderated this list since its Yahoo Group days and it is just
time for me to let someone else have fun with it. I also am
concentrating on other core IxDA activities like the conference and
local groups and other board activities.

As you have seen, I'm still here, talking and shakin' things up as
always. I just am not a moderator or administrator any more.

Thanx everyone. This IS the best online community I have ever been a
part of and it is all b/c of those who contribute to it every day. I
know it can be overwhelming, but damn! what an experience if/when you
engage it.

Looking forward to more of the same!!!

See everyone (and I mean it-- EVERYONE! ... well at least 300 of you)
in Savannah!!!!

David Malouf

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