PhillyCHI September Meeting: A Hands-On Introduction to Eyetracking

19 Sep 2007 - 5:45pm
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"A Hands-On Introduction to Eyetracking: A Live Demonstration
Supplemented with Case Studies"
Date: Thursday, September 27, 2007
Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM
* Refreshments & socializing from 6:00PM to 6:30PM *
Location: GSI Commerce
1075 First Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406
* Please note: this is event is not at GSI headquarters (935 First
Avenue) but at the GSI Interactive building (1075 First Avenue). *
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More Than an Introduction to Eyetracking

We've all attended "Intro to..." presentations that are long on
generalities and summary, but don't really provide the specifics we
need to decide if a new method is right for us. This introduction has
been specifically designed to be very hands-on, providing attendees
with an introduction that will actually help them understand and use

For PhillyCHI's September meeting, Jean E. Fox, Ph.D., Kathryn
Summers, Ph.D., and Michael R. Summers, M.S. will introduce
participants to a brief history of eyetracking, explain some of the
basic theoretical and methodological foundations of the research, and
share how it can benefit usability testing. They will then conduct a
live study that will allow volunteers to use the eyetracker to attempt
tasks in front of their fellow participants. They will then briefly
discuss how and why to set up eyetracking studies and how these
evaluations are different from standard usability tests.

They'll cover topics such as
* designing the study (specifically selecting tasks and whether to use
think aloud),
* recruiting participants, and
* setting up the test environment

After the eyetracking demonstration, the presenters will briefly
analyze the data and demonstrate Tobii's data analysis software before
embarking on several case studies that show detailed examples of how
eyetracking data was used in real client deliverables. The focus will
be on how eyetracking provides practical input to solve specific
user-centered design issues. Implications for eyetracking on current
research, and question-and-answer with attendees will cover a range of
topics including practical ways to start using eyetracking in an
affordable way.

Whether you are planning to introduce eyetracking into your user
research practice, are currently using eyetracking, or are simply want
to learn more about the technology and methodology of eyetracking, you
are sure to get a lot of this engaging presentation and demonstration.

About the Presenters

Jean E. Fox, Ph.D., Bureau of Labor Statistics
Jean Fox has been involved in the usability field since 1988, when she
joined American Institutes for Research. At AIR, she worked on a
variety of projects for government and industry clients. Currently,
Jean works at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, where she is responsible
for the usability efforts in the design of data collection
applications for the Consumer Price Index and a variety of other BLS
programs. She has presented at numerous usability-related conferences
and workshops.

Jean has been involved in BLS' recent effort to incorporate
eyetracking into their usability evaluations. She and her colleagues
are working to incorporate their lessons learned from this effort to
refine their methodology. She will share her experience with others
learning to incorporate eyetracking into their usability methodologies.

Kathryn Summers, Ph.D., SUMMERS Consulting / University of Baltimore
Kathryn was one of the first researchers in the DC Metro area to begin
using eyetracking. She introduced NN/g, HFI, and several other
organizations to eyetracking. She teaches user research, usability
testing, and interaction design for the University of Baltimore's
master's program in Interaction Design and Information Architecture.
Her consulting work integrates the theoretical and the concrete
through usability testing and usability design reviews. She rigorously
applies recognized usability principles and test methods to careful,
detailed observations of user interactions.

Along with a host of projects for major corporations, she has done
research about navigation, on-line reading comprehension, and
information design. She has spoken at a number of international
research conferences, and published in industry journals.

Michael R. Summers, M.S., SUMMERS Consulting
Prior to founding SUMMERS Consulting, Michael was User Experience
Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group, Director of User Research with
Scient New York, and Senior Information Architect with USWeb/CKS
Washington DC. He has advised several global organizations about user
experience, including AltaVista, AstraZeneca, GSI Commerce, Major
League Baseball, Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, REUTERS, and The National
Council on the Aging.

Michael has been invited to speak about user-centered design to the
American Center for Design, the American Institute of Graphic Arts,
the Association for Computing Machinery's special interest group in
Computer-Human Interaction, and the Usability Professional's Association.

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