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23 Sep 2007 - 3:20pm
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Jenifer Tidwell

Will's essay made me wonder something. Does any software exist to help me
manage the identities I present at various online sites?

As he points out, online identities tend to be fragmented. My social
circles rarely interact, especially the online ones, and I present different
faces to each (not necessarily on purpose, but as a side effect of the
communities' purposes and social norms). I find it hard to keep track of
all of them.

On the most simple level, for instance, I might want a way to update my
avatar on most of the communities I frequent. (Even simpler, I don't
remember what my username is on some of them anymore! I want something to
keep track of that.) Another thing I might want to do is see a summary of
where I've been active and where I haven't. Or keep track of friends lists
in various places.


- Jenifer

Jenifer Tidwell
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