[Event] Chicago IxDA - Oct. 10th - Design Pattern Libraries

26 Sep 2007 - 11:40pm
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Janna DeVylder

If you're in the Chicago-land area, please join us for our first
topic-oriented event!

Topic: The 'WHAT', 'WHY' and 'HOW' of design pattern libraries
No one seems to be talking about pattern libraries these days, so we thought
we'd be the first to... oh, wait.
Ok, so everyone is talking about them. But WHAT are they? WHY are they worth
our consideration? HOW do you create and utilize one (and how far do you
have to go for it to be useful)?

Presenter(s): You...and the well-stocked audience.
This is not the event where you will only hear one perspective on this
matter. You, too, will play a role as questioner, presenter, and
solution-maker. Are you in the process of solving this puzzle for yourself
or your organization, or are you wondering where to begin? Share your
point-of-view. Bring examples [digital, paper or mimed], tell stories, share
your concerns. For starters, we'll hear how the problem is being approached
by internal teams [Orbitz] and agencies [Manifest Digital]. It's certain to
be a lively discussion!

When: Wednesday, October 10th

Where: Manifest Digital
1023 W. Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607
[we thank them for generously hosting this month's event]

Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm
First hour will be dedicated to the topic, last thirty minutes will be
dedicated to getting to know one another and discovering what you're looking
for in a local group.

RSVP: http://www.manifestdigital.com/survey/ixda/
Let us know sooner rather than later if you are coming, as we'll need to
move locations to another Loop location if we exceed a certain size.

You should come... the local group that's met so far has been engaging &
inspiring, and there's a lot to learn from each other!

Questions? Let me know.

Janna DeVylder
Chicago IxDA

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