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27 Sep 2007 - 1:46am
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Juan Ruiz

There was a thread on the IA discussion list about design patterns. One
thing that arouse from that discussion was the storage of this library
and the integration with design tools (ie. Visio). It seems like
companies are creating their own internal libraries and creating their
own customize system (either a wiki, Sharepoint) which connects the
pattern itself with the design tool.

I would love to hear what you guys discuss and if you have any ideas on
the storage and integration of the patterns with design tools.


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Topic: The 'WHAT', 'WHY' and 'HOW' of design pattern libraries
No one seems to be talking about pattern libraries these days, so we
we'd be the first to... oh, wait.
Ok, so everyone is talking about them. But WHAT are they? WHY are they
our consideration? HOW do you create and utilize one (and how far do you
have to go for it to be useful)?

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