Hiring Strategies (was: Potential interview questions...)

29 Sep 2007 - 6:33am
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Dan Brown

I wonder if we might broaden the conversation to talk about general hiring
strategies. Though I haven't read it, Joel Spolsky's "Smart and Get Things
Done" offers a model for finding and retaining engineering talent. In his
interview on IT Conversations, however, he explained that the basic strategy
focuses on a summer internship program, which serves to weed out and groom
potential candidates.

As an aside, he indicated that he asks candidates to solve a programming
problem, and what he was looking for was someone who has internalized (my
word, not his) the language and principles to the extent that they don't
even need to think about it.

Anyway, though I found this approach intriguing, I felt it was unrealistic
for my current situation, and perhaps for the design community at-large,
especially those of us in smaller organizations.

SO, besides interview questions, what are some strategies you've used for
hiring and retaining good design talent?

-- Dan

PS: Oh, and if anyone is looking for work as an IA/IxD, please let me know.

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