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2 Oct 2007 - 9:52pm
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Dante Murphy

Um, acutally DANTE wrote that. I only care becuase, like I said, I'm recruiting.

But to stay on topic, I can also say that the only companies I've worked for that would not reimburse for education were pure placement agencies...every other one had some sort of professional development program. The problem I often encountered was the "it relates to my job" clause. Officially my job title was "programmer" so a cognitive psychology class or a figure drawing class would have looked like a boondoggle.

Thankfully, the world is getting more enlightened, and I'm gettting closer to being the guy who gets to make the decision, not the argument. And given the challenges of recruiting, I've noticed that companies are starting to spend more time and effort on mentorship, training, and professional development.



From: discuss-bounces at lists.interactiondesigners.com on behalf of Will Evans

Dan wrote: "The desire to do great work, keep learning, and always
add value is what gets my interest."

Given two candidates, one with a 10 in passion for IxD, 7 in skills -
the other with a 7 in passion and a 10 in skills, I would probably opt
for the more passionate candidate, assuming they are also passionate
about learning :-)

Speaking of learning - has anyone noticed a shift over the past 10
years in many businesses in which hiring has shifted away from
growing great people, their knowledge, the development - to hiring
rockstars? It seems that I have noticed many more companies that are
unwilling to pay for continuing education, professional development,
training, etc. I can't think that my company is the only one that
explicitly does not pay for training or professional development and
believes that any an employee does should be done on their own time,
on their own dime.
Maybe we could start another thread on professional development and
training for people in the UX community. Which companies support it -
which ones don't...

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