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10 Aug 2004 - 3:28pm
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Svoboda, Eric

Thanks for the screen shot.

The hack was a step forward, but what you've done in essence is to
create a dropdown of sorts by placing the status (Gaussian) next to the
button (which is essentially all a dropdown is in its closed state).

I really like your third idea: pairing a dropdown with a 'settings'
button to open the 'settings' dialog. This is a pretty standard
implementation I think, and should be easily understood.

Another idea: you could reclaim a lot of space by reducing the length of
the numeric fields. They should be just long enough to contain the
maximum allowed value. You might even reclaim enough space to allow the
Settings fields to be shown right on the Properties dialog itself, which
imp is better than spawning a new dialog.

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Eric Svoboda Wrote:

>I have to agree with Jim that a pull-down (or similar element) would be

>standard here. Of course, if you have just 3-4 selections, a radio
>button group would be nice.
>I think you feel uneasy because your current design in non-standard.
>Buttons generally don't show status just as status displays generally
>aren't controls. Elements like the pull-down and radio button group
>offer both status display and control.
>Could you maybe share a screen shot with us?
Here's a screenshot of a simplified version
My only sticking point with a drop-down is that as you can see on the
screenshot, a distribution type needs to be selected along with
associated parameters for that type. So a drop-down alone would not be
enough to launch the settings dialogue. Perhaps a drop-down and a button
next to it labeled "settings"...

The somewhat hacked solution that has been put in place as of today is
to show the text box and value, then to the right of the text box a
static label that reads "gaussian" etc. (value type), and then the
button with just an image of a generic distribution, shown here:
http://www.fracta.com/ixd/images/status_button_hack.jpg* *which opens
the settings dialogue.
*This has at least removed the status responsibility from the button.

----Thanks for everyone's input

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