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6 Oct 2007 - 6:50pm
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"Don't ever let anyone tell you that there's only one way, or a best way to
design interaction. It's just not true." - James Leftwich


Suggest its important to think about the following elements : (feel free to
add to these)

1. Organisational context - education required and maturity of an
organisation i.e. some organisations who have worked with the traditional
agency approach - show as a working, visual prototype (without any wire
frames before hand). So we needed to provide a clear definition a "wire
frame" (show some examples) and how it fits in to the overall process before
starting work on the project.

2. Target audience - who you are communicating to and what they are ready
for. Again, education required and framing the discussion around a design is
important -

3. Time - how much time available for the design

4. Stage in development - sketching, concepts vs finished designs etc

5. Location of development team - what will help them understand the design.
We worked on a project recently where we created sophisticated PPT's but the
development team were used to Use Cases etc, so more documentation would
have helped them (from their past project experience)

6. The application complexity - which approach will better communicate the

Understanding what your target audience is ready for and determining what
you need to communicate can really help determine the approach.


Daniel Szuc
Principal Usability Consultant
Apogee Usability Asia Ltd
'Usability in Asia'

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