JOB: User Experience Manager, Motorola Enterprise Mobility - Holtsville, LI, NY, USA - full time-permanent

10 Oct 2007 - 10:37am
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Dave Malouf

Well, who here wants to be part of this exciting opportunity at one of the
most successful groups in Motorola. This ain't for you fashion-atis
interested in RAZRs. This job is to manage the interaction design team and
work in close collaboration with industrial design and design research on
setting the strategy and agenda for user experience design of our entire
eco-system of enterprise mobility products from simple bar-code scanners
(actually not as simple as you might think) to our full line of mobile
rugged data capture enabled computing systems to our line of enterprise
productivity assistants (EDAs) that help bring the back off and street to
the total enterprise lifecycle.

Check out the job description here:

You can also apply there.
Resumes sent to me personally may or may not get proper review.

-- dave

PS. Here's the fun part ... you get to be my boss!!!! (Ok, that might not be
all fun, but I'll try harder, I promise!)
PSS. Long Island on the east end is beautiful. If you like exurban living
near beaches and some beautiful New England-esque coast lines and LI's
famous wineries (some of the best outside CA), LI may be the place for you.

David Malouf

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