UX BarCamp: A Night at The Matrix, 11/10-11, Fremont, CA

24 Oct 2007 - 7:46pm
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User Experience BarCamp: A Night at The Matrix

Because of the user experience focus of this BarCamp
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp> , BayDUX is promoting this event in
the local user experience community. Silicon Valley Web Builder (SVWB
<http://www.svwebbuilder.com/> ) is the primary organizer of this event.
Their description of the event follows below.

November 10th: 6:00pm until Midnight
November 11th: Midnight until 4:00pm

The BarCamp theme is inspired by the movie "A Night At the Museum." Instead
of spending a night at a Natural History Museum like the story in that
movie, SVWB invites you to spend a remarkable evening inside The Matrix at
Hurricane Electric, the world's largest data center, for 24 hours.

SVWB would like to make this BarCamp a fun social event as well. We will
party and hack code on Saturday night from 6pm until midnight. So, you
should bring your camping chairs and camping gear. The event will wrap up
around 4pm on Sunday afternoon.

We will accept up to 500 hardcore hackers to stay overnight. However, you
can also sign up just to participate on Saturday evening and/or Sunday
during the day as a hacker, watcher, or speaker. Regardless, you will need
to submit your free registration on <http://svwbbarcamp.eventbrite.com/>
Eventbrite in advance. For the latest news regarding this event, check the
associated BarCamp Wiki Page <http://www.barcamp.org/SvwbBarCamp> .

Here is a link to directions to the location:

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