JOB: Interaction/Experience Designer - Menlo Park, CA - Slivercast - Full time Startup

24 Oct 2007 - 7:51pm
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Interaction/Experience Designer

Build a new identity regularly. Guide the feel & vision of an entire wave of
new communities. Help create what will be one of the most fundamental new
media companies for the coming years.

We're a brand new startup focused on building a new model for entertainment,
community, and data. We're trying to take on how people entertain themselves
(on and offline) and improve it 100x. Sound ambitious? It is, but we have a
plan for how we're going to start small and start picking away, day by day.
By the way, that plan involves working with some of the coolest hobbies
known to humankind, from Day 1.

We need someone to help tie together our product with a satisfying design &
layout. We'll not only be creating an identity for our central presence, but
also for various sub-areas for passionate communities. Your creativity and
innovation are going to be tested to the limits. We are moving quickly, and
expect everyone on the team to do the same. We're very small, and you'll
have to take responsibility not only for designing your creations but
bringing them to life as well.

We're currently working out of Menlo Park, CA, with plans to relocate in the
future based on team interest. We provide excellent health coverage and
other benefits out of the gate. We believe in hiring a small number of the
best people, and providing them with very competitive pay & equity.

At least take the time to learn more. Contact Ryan at

The details (what we'll be looking for):

- Experience designing edgy graphical identities for fun, intense web
- Strong understanding of what drives behavior on the web, and how to
structure the site experience to make it satisfying to use
- Innovative takes on how to layout a site
- Knowledge of every step of the process for putting a product in
consumer hands on the internet, from initial whiteboards sketches to
figuring out why IE & Firefox render that line off by one pixel
- Desire to work hand-in-hand with development, product, community &
marketing experts on the team
- Any experience with video compression & online distribution will
make us love you
- Previous start up experience a serious plus
- Interest in flight, racing, riding, extreme sports, beermaking,
robotics, traveling, or music a serious plus
- Start date: Yesterday

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