how and when to estimate time and price for aGoal-Directed project

25 Oct 2007 - 2:15pm
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thanks for your comments!

> Fred:
> Consider breaking the project into several distinct phases.

The problem is exactly that they want the estimate before doing the
strategy/research phase :(

> Joseph:
> you need to give them a cost so they can decide whether to go ahead
> with their project, or compare your cost to other bidders.
to know all costs before they can green light the project.

Exactly. That's the case. They say the estimate don't need to be
accurate but a rough idea of how much money we're talking about. But
I guess they won't want to rise it afterwards, and if I make it too
high in advance, I might not get the project. Apparently there are
other freelancers and companies (!) interested...

I do have no idea about their budget for this project---they won't tell.

> you simply have to make your best guess as to what they want and
> give them a bid. Define your deliverables as clearly as possible
Defining the unknown... oh my!
OK. So I basically guess how I would make the site with what I know
now (which is not what I will know after the research) and then will
use the research (if I get the project) to "confirm" my guess, and if
it doesn't match, review the plan and the scope with them. I guess
that at that point, with the data of the review, it should be "easy"
to make them see the need for changes, whether they are finally made
or not.

Once I have the initial cost, I could add like 30% for "just in case"
and have a range, from X to X+30%.

> factor in that you will have to do the same task over and over again.
Hmm... I hadn't thought of that :S Thanks!

Thank you very much for your extended answer! Let's see how it
goes.. ;-)


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