World Usabiity Day in Chicago: November 8th

27 Oct 2007 - 11:07am
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Michael Wood

Hi everyone, if any of you are in Chicago that week, and several of you will
be for the dux conference, then join us for World Usability Day at the
Intercontinental Hotel!

To register, visit:

The 2007 Chicago event will focus on the user experience within health care.
We will offer presentations and other activities that focus on the usability
of all aspects of health care, including morning speakers and afternoon
collaboration tanks.

Some topics to look forward to:

--Usability of Drug Packaging and Labeling
--The usability of digital imaging technology
--Desktop to Handheld: Discovering Workflow
--Designing for a Better MRI Patient Experience
--Advanced Concepts in Usability for Healthcare
--Interacting with Software and People - at the same time
--Evaluating Healthcare Websites for Emotional Momentum
--Play with Your Life: Interactive Healthcare Design Games

For more information, visit:

Thank you again to our sponsors:
Human Factors International
Pathfinder Associates
User Centric, Inc.
GE Healthcare
Stay Informed Studios


Event Info:

What: World Usability Day Chicago 2007
When: November 8, 2007 - 7:30am-5:30pm, cocktail reception to follow ( cash
Where: Intercontinental Hotel, 505 N. Michigan Ave.
Who: Experienced practitioners, medical professionals, students and all
supporters of usability
Cost: Free!
More Info:


Please send questions to: WUDchicago at
For information on the Chicago event visit:

World Usability Day Chicago 2007 Planning Committee
Chicago Usability Professionals' Association chapter

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