When those who know little about UsabilityofferUsability Services

31 Oct 2007 - 7:26pm
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Suggest its encouraging to see more folks offering Usability services as
part of their offerings -- and demonstrates an increase in interest in what
we do, UX, IxD, IA etc - which is a good thing! Also an opportunity for
organisations like UPA, IxDA etc to continue educating through conferences &
in city events.

There are, as we know, practical books on Usability and how to apply
Usability methods/tools in projects. However, the harder part, requiring
more experience, is knowing the following (to name a few and in no
particular order):

* When to apply the tools
* What questions to ask to help inform designs
* What questions to ask to help inform which tools to choose
* How to craft the research
* What to do with the data -- how to look for patterns
* How to sell the UX services to clients (depending on their usability
maturity and the agency's level of usability maturity the selling)
* The full suite of tools available i.e. not just testing
* How to apply the tools in the short term to either strategically help path
the way for a product or line of products.

I expect that the level of expertise varies across these variables and the
Usability services being sold can be everything from we do testing (as
Usability is testing to some) to much, much more.


Daniel Szuc
Principal Usability Consultant
Apogee Usability Asia Ltd
'Usability in Asia'

The Usability Kit - http://www.theusabilitykit.com

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Alan asked:
> [..] However after talking to them for a while it becomes clear that
> they really don't know what Usability is [..] So I ask you: Is this
> the price we pay for growing popularity of Usability and User-Centered
> Design?

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