Understanding Search Usability

1 Nov 2007 - 11:10am
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Chris Borokowski

Web site usability is task oriented, meaning that usability testing
measures the efficiency of how users (who fit a specific persona or
profile) complete a desired task. Testing is done one person at a time,
not as a group, and each participant's behavior and actions are
carefully observed and recorded. I have personally witnessed, countless
times, many participants say how beautiful they think a web site is and
subsequently never complete the desired task. I have observed many
participants say they will take one action and then do something else.
You can have the most beautiful, award-winning web site with top search
engine positions...and little or no conversions because the site just
is not user friendly.


Flagrantly excellent article on why web site design is more usability
and information architecture than it is photoshop/flash and HTML.

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