Displaying stati in situations where statusinformation is unavailable

19 Aug 2004 - 2:27pm
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Mark Canlas

I immediately see a Perl-type philosophy coming into play. Something along
the lines of "anything in, controlled (or consistent) out" meaning that a
good Perl script or system should be able to accept anything thrown at it,
and respond to it in a very consistent way, regardless of if it could handle
it or not.

So, your original system consisted of one user in two states, logged in or
logged out. Now that your system has an additional user ("seamless external
partner"), you have to figure out an appropriate answer to that situation,
and not just a tack on to your original two results (logged in or logged

If they're as seamless as I imagine, then there is no concept of logging in
anyway. So, no links should appear. At all. How is that? Completely
eliminating the idea of logging in or logging out, since they didn't log in
and wouldn't need to log out.

So, I agree with your original suggestion of not showing anything at all.

Mark Canlas

> Now we ran into trouble having external partners who are 'seamlessly'
> included in our portal application but (for whatever reason) not able to
> display that status -- and per default, we now show the 'login' link,
> though
> this can be wrong. Well, what is recommended here? I thought about e.g.
> displaying nothing as well as displaying a kind of neutral symbol plus
> 'currently not available' or anything like this.

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