[QUAR] What tools do you use for prototyping?

8 Nov 2007 - 10:18am
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Billy Cox

How about a working definition of 'prototype'?

Prototype -- 'A visual approximation of the form and/or function of an
intended finished product with a level of fidelity appropriate to the
project lifecycle and intended audience.'

Such a definition acknowledges that there is no single method of prototyping
that fits every situation. The definition also suggests that the prototype
serves the project but it is not the final deliverable.

So, a design mockup would function as a prototype with a certain degree of
suggested function.

A Visio flowchart (properly used) would function as a prototype of a process
flow while providing almost no indication of design requirements.

A pile of paper with sketches of various screens would function as a
prototype incorporating simple design as well as process flow.


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paper/whiteboard then OmniGraffle then Fireworks then...whatever the team's
using. That's often Visio for wireframes and Photoshop for design followed
by some sort of higher fidelity. I use TextWrangler, BBEdit, and Homesite
(windows) for HTML/CSS coding.

I concur with Bill--give me a good combined tool. While I like Canvas,
having used it since version 3.5, I am saddened by what ACDeeSee has done to
it. Latest version is Windows only, for example.

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