JOB: Senior Interaction Designer, Houston, Texas

8 Nov 2007 - 9:43pm
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Chris Borokowski

This was on an informal Houston developer's list, see if you like.

>Job Title : Senior Interaction Designer
>Requisition Number : HOU 07-097
>Location : Houston, TX, UNITED STATES
>Posting Date : 7/11/2007
>The industry's most complex challenges. The world's smartest
>Paradigm's breakthrough proprietary software and expert consultative
>is helping companies increase their subsurface knowledge and
empowering today's
>sharpest professionals in their quest for rewarding, dynamic careers.
>As a Senior Interaction Designer you will lead our User Experience
team and be
>responsible for the user interface of the GOCAD Suite of products.
>Responsibilities include:
>Design new software interfaces
>Review existing software interfaces
>Define usability guidelines for the company
>Plan and conduct usability surveys
>Work closely with the development team and documentation team to
enhance the user
>Define and implement processes for GUI design/development
>Conduct usability workshops to broadcast usability awareness in the
>Ensure design consistency in the entire product suite
>5+ years in interaction design
>Experience on complex products, with modern GUI
>Understanding of 3D earth modeling is a plus
>Bachelor's degree in interaction design, computer science, graphic
design, or
>a closely related field.
>Understanding of the software development cycle
>Experience in planning and conducting client usability surveys
>Ability to act as a bridge between product management and development
>Ability to provide complete GUI reviews, taking into account the time
>resources constraints of development, and prioritizing the GUI changes

>Ability to articulate the pros and cons of designs and support choices
with clear,
>detailed evidence and rationale for decisions
>Ability to resolve trade-offs between design and implementation issues

>Proficiency with Design tools
>Development knowledge in Qt or Swing is a plus
>Understanding of Qt Designer is a plus
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