CPH/Malmo F2F?

16 Nov 2007 - 1:37pm
8 years ago
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Rob Nero

I plan on visiting Copenhagen and Malmo in the beginning of January, 1st
to the 14th. Is anyone interested in having a F2F in that time frame, in
either (or both) city?

I am currently an interface designer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, but
looking to attend graduate school or find work in that area. I would
really enjoy talking with those on the IXDA that are from the area.

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5 Dec 2007 - 8:53am
Max Elander


I'm actually teaching a class at a school for "Advanced Vocational
Education and Training", on Interactive Design during the time
period that you're here. (It's just a four week introduction and
orientation on the subject.) Would you be interested in giving a
short guest lecture (an hour or so) on what an interface designer
does, and how a typical project progresses?

The school is called "N3P" and is located in the center of Malmö.
The name is a play on the word "Entrepreneur", that only works in
Nordic languages...

/Max Elander

PS: if there are others on the list who would be interested in guest
lecturing, you're most welcome.

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