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25 Nov 2007 - 6:10pm
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Ryan Lum

Greetings Group,

My objective is to announce the availability of my candidate who has
been an Interaction Designer with a UX Design Lead background
including a strong emphasis on Consumer Products and Business
Applications. This candidate based in Portland is available for
Contract or Direct Hire and she is open to relocation for the right

She Offers:
* Strong conceptual, creative, and information architecture skills
* Fortune 500 client base and Agile methodology expertise
* Effective manager, communicator, and instructor
* Passionate advocate of excellence in user-centered product design
* Experience estabilishing usability practices in startup groups:
usability test plans, heuristic evaluations, contextual analyis,
persona review, and writing test scenarios.

* Over ten years experience in interactive product design for consumer
products, financial services, enterprise applications, convergent
media, and eBusiness.

* Greatest strengths: creating proof of concept, look & feel, and
interaction flow wireframes that map out the information architecture
of complex tasks and business processes. Excellent visualization,
brainstorming, and talent for generating multiple conceptual
approaches/user experience metaphors. A proactive team player,
synthesizing unique interactive and information architecture

* Background in digital media & motion graphics design, animation,
fine arts training, and experience teaching image manipulation and
digital design at the college level.

* In addition, she offers a stellar work ethic, excellent
communication, project management, and design leadership skills that
fit well with your creative staff, analysts, development teams, and

If interested, please do not hesitate to reply to this email and I
will gladly reply with her CV and Portfolio. Our terms of business are
standard and negotiable.


Ryan Lum
Contract Services
T +1 425 635 0300
C +1 425 533 1928
F +1 425 635 0333
r <mailto:ryan.lum at greythorninc.com> yan.lum at greythorninc.com
Greythorn Inc
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Bellevue, WA 98005
<http://www.greythorn.com/> www.greythorn.com


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26 Nov 2007 - 11:18am
Josh Seiden


[Writing in my capacity as list moderator. Sorry for the

Although this message does not violate any existing guidelines for
IxDA Discuss, the Board feels uncomfortable about this type of
advertisement, because it dilutes the quality of our discussion.

It is standard policy on other discussion lists to prohibit
candidates (or agents acting on their behalf) from advertising their
availability. The Board will be adopting a similar guideline

If you have questions or concerns about this forthcoming policy
change, please feel free to write to me off-list.

Sorry for the interruption, and thanks...

Josh Seiden
IxDA Board Member,
List Moderator

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