large tables and lists with lots of columns - where are the best practices?

26 Nov 2007 - 8:04pm
8 years ago
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frank dahle

Hello, I’m looking for some good practice on designing tables and lists for a corporate web site.
The challenge is how to simplify very long tables of articles (technical parts) with lots of parameters (columns).
I do have the Edward Tufte books and know that part of the story. But at this moment I’d rather study some real life examples available on the net. Anyone? Thanks!

Frank Dahle
Concept developer


27 Nov 2007 - 2:07pm

Hi Frank,

I've had the same issues in several jobs. Given the premise that you've got
to display the info, there's a number of ways I've dealt with this in the
past, the best solution is always on a case by case basis:

1. Have Hide/Show options per column
2. Have initial columns fixed, then later columns horizontally scroll
3. Identify most important columns, keep these in table, then break out
other columns in "Details" area

Unfortunately all the applications I've used these above techniques in are
internal, so there's no place to see examples, but they're pretty straight

OK hope this helps,


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