NYC UX Holiday Party, Dec-11, 6:30pm, IxDA Conf Registration Offer

27 Nov 2007 - 11:35pm
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Nasir Barday

Hi Everyone,

It's hard to believe that December is upon us again! It's a season for
everyone to get together and remember the year, and you can bet the NYC-UX
community is celebrating! There's also a great registration offer for the
Interaction '08 Conference, but more on that later.

Tuesday, December 11th from 6:30pm to 9pm (or until someone tries to define
IA again)
Eight Mile Creek
240 Mulberry Street (btw Prince and Spring)

Now here's the good part: Find Dave Malouf during the evening, register for
the Interaciton '08 conference right on his iPhone, and get a free drink! If
you don't recognize Dave, just ask around (or just look for a group of
huddled thirsty people illuminated by an iPhone).

Conference info (check out the lineup and try not to pass out!!):

See you there, and Happy Holidays from NYC UXnet!

- Nasir


28 Nov 2007 - 8:17am
Dave Malouf

Hi Gang,
I wanted to explain why I'm doing this little offer for
Interaction08 registration.

First, I just registered myself using my iPhone and it worked great.
Just couldn't do the photo upload.

Second, to make it easier to find me, my picture is on my blog @ Yes, the same picture is on the
site, but it is way too small.

Third, why?
Well, really, I'm so excited about this conference that I want to
put my money where my mouth is. Its a personal thing and not
sponsored by IxDA at all. People like myself, Dan Saffer, Dani Malik,
Vishal Iyer and Niklas Wolkert have been killing ourselves for this
conference. We put together an amazing program to be hosted by a
great design school in the middle of a picturesque and inspiring
location (The weather for February ain't nothing to sneeze at

But there are so many more reasons why I'm excited about this
conference and I posted them up on my blog here:

I'm only sorry that the offer is limited to only the NYC community.

Anyway, see you all in NYC on the 11th.

-- dave

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