Examples where personas are *not* useful (encore)

29 Nov 2007 - 2:55pm
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Pierre Roberge

Robert said:

All I have to do is imagine a person to create a persona? And if it's a
real person, it's not a persona? What if I imagine a cartoon character?
What do you call that? If a tree falls in a forest and hits a mime, does
anyone care?

To continue beating a dead horse.

Maybe there is a language issue here. I meant to use the word imagining
to mean making something up in your mind not only visualizing something

To me, characters in a movie, in a novel, in a cartoon or in a comic
book are all personas. Obviously, I have a broad definition of what a
persona is. To me it is really a ficticious individual that has some
traits. That movie character or persona is then put through scenarios
(or plot) and reacts according to their traits. In software, we craft
some of the experience the persona will have using it and hope the real
people will have the same experience. In movies, the director (or
whomever) crafts the experience the character goes through and expect
the viewers will react in unison or discordance.

When I was at Cooper, a colleague who was acting explained to us the
techniques used by actors to inhabit characters and that process is
similar to how personas are created. I guess that is where I got this
more encompassive definition of personas.

In the end, any two things can be seen as similar or dissimilar, it just
depends one the level of granularity one is at.

to be continued..............

Pierre Roberge
User Experience Designer

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