[SURVEY] IxDA Boston: Do you want to learn (more about) Adobe Flash?

5 Dec 2007 - 11:07pm
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Hi New Englanders! Hope you're all staying warm and dry this week!

Your humble chapter organizers have decided to give you December off from
events so we can organize great stuff for 2008. (not to mention just how
busy we all are this time of year!) One thing currently in the works is...
(drum roll please)... an Adobe Flash for Interactions
Designers training series. But, since we all know that Flash is such a
complex and powerful application, we want to make sure we give you the right
stuff that you can use when you walk out the door. To do that we first need
to understand your level of experience with Flash to build on. We've created
a quick 5 question survey that we think will get us started.

If this series sounds like something you could use and would be interested
in attending, please take a moment to complete our survey:


~IxDA Boston

PS. If you have other comments or feedback about this after completing our
survey, please feel free to email me <ldebett at gmail.com> directly.

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