RE: Location of selection checkboxes on lists

3 Sep 2004 - 4:23pm
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H Taylor

Dave's comment, below, is a little milder than my reaction: question
assumptions! Without delving into the politics of the situation, are
you sure it's not time to reconsider the fundamental approach which has
led to a screen that is growing unmanageable?

Would prototyping and user-testing some alternatives be a feasible way
to check the assumptions being made? I understand it can be hard, when
you have the "solution" handed to you, instead of having the
opportunity to work on the problem.

Who is it that said something like, "when you don't like any of the
answers you're getting, maybe you're asking the wrong questions"?

- Hal

> One last thought. You said that your business owners "say" that they
> need
> all the columns, but can you give the user the option to select what
> columns
> they want? Are there some columns that are more important than others.
> Can
> you "freeze" the first columns (i.e. the checkbox & the title/id) and
> begin
> the horizontal scrolling after that?

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