Video of an internal Yahoo! talk on our pattern library

10 Dec 2007 - 1:19pm
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Christian Crumlish

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I know some folks around these parts have asked me about how we
currently manage things in the Yahoo design pattern library. I
recently gave a brown bag at work talking about some IA reorgs to the
site and some updates to our process, and so on, and we just got it
cleared to post (most of) it to the YDN Theater series, so I thought
I'd post a link to my blog entry about it here for anyone interested:


p.s.: Apologies for the cross-post to people also on the IAI members list.

p.p.s: also, note that I included a shout-out to the Patterns topic at

p.p.p.s.: also, also, the video is cross-posted at where
one of the commenters thought I was being snarky about Ajax (except I
loves me some Ajax!) and another thought this was not useful or
interesting for people outside Yahoo (although I'm constantly peppered
with questions about exactly this - how we manage the library and
review new patterns here), so I kind of chalk that up to the fact that
the yuiblog audience is largely developers looking for coding insights
and not so much designers.

Christian Crumlish
Yahoo! pattern detective
IA Institute director of technology

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