JOB: Information Architect/UX Designer - Bridgeline, New York, NY - Contract

11 Dec 2007 - 11:17am
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Bridgeline - New York works with many large financial institutions in
creating innovative and effective user experiences. We are always
looking to expand our list of qualified contractors to use on servicing
these clients.

Contact: Michael Matteo (mmatteo at

Essential Engagement Functions:

* Works with customers to understand their business models and goals and
helps define strategy, content, and features.

* Analyze audiences and their information and functional needs

* Researches and analyzes industry trends and competitor sites and

* Define site architecture and navigation that serves as a blueprint of
the site upon which all other aspects are built - form, function,
metaphor, navigation and interface, interaction, and visual design.

* Document solution with goal definition, audience segmentation, usage
scenarios, competitive analysis, sitemaps, page level wireframes, usage
diagrams, and content outlines.

* Moderate and prepare documents for usability tests, including test
plans, scenarios and questionnaires

* Participate in user studies to understand user behaviors/preferences
and build, from this understanding, informed user interface solutions

* Participate in formal and informal design critiques

* Work collaboratively with designers and developers to develop
interface functionality

* Scope, develop and understand development / engineering leads to
determine efficacy of a given solution

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

* Strong knowledge of site design, usability principles, issues and

* Ability to analyze customer needs and define strategies for meeting

* Organization of large bodies of information into a logical and easy to
use presentation layer

* Usability test design and implementation

* Strong presentation and negotiation skills

* Strong client facing skills and experience in managing conflicts with

* Exceptional communication (verbal and written) and organization skills

* Experience working on similar projects for the financial services

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