[Job] Information Architect / Sr. User Experience Designer, Roundarch, DC - Full time

13 Dec 2007 - 10:22am
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Rossanne Wankovsky

I am currently seeking an IA with Top Secret or Secret Clearance. For
immediate consideration please email your resume to me at
rwankovsky at roundarch.com or call me at 312-529-2508. Below is the job
description and a brief description of Roundarch.

Sr. UE Designers are responsible for working with clients to develop
meaningful interactive experiences. This role requires strategic
thinking, UE team leadership, and acute communication with all members
of the project team. Your past experience with activities and
deliverables associated with user centered design allows you to add
value to consumer, transactional and corporate web initiatives.
Conducting user, stakeholder and competitive research will drive
personas and scenarios that will result in conceptual concepts,
annotated wireframes, interactive models, prototypes and functional
specifications. You will be exposed to web 2.0 paradigms and
methodologies that will transform linear UE thinking into a
multidimensional experience.


* Plan, coordinate and conduct user research, contextual and
ethnographic studies, participatory design and usability testing

* Conceptualize and design user interfaces and information
architecture using participatory design

* Produce personas, scenarios, process flows, annotated
wireframes, design prototypes, and functional design specifications for
complex transactional web applications and portals

* Produce scalable taxonomies and metadata tagging for
enterprise content management systems

* Effectively aggregate and communicate research findings,
conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale both verbally
and visually

* Shepherd the design process, drive decisions, track issues,
and assist in estimating resource needs and schedules

* Conduct usability testing and incorporate recommendations into
the design

* Work closely with development teams to QA development and

* Participate as a contributor to an interdisciplinary team that
includes other user experience designers, project managers, business
strategists, and technical leadership

Required Experience

* At least five years of user interface design experience

* Strong knowledge of user interface design processes and
methodology, particularly as applied to web-based applications

* Excellent communication and organization skills - must be able
to function as a thought leader as well as an individual contributor

* Proficiency with design and prototyping tools such as Visio,
InDesign, and Dreamweaver

* Knowledge of capabilities and limitations of web technologies
such as CMS, HTML, JavaScript, Flash, and CSS

Strongly Desired Experience:

* Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction or a related
design or behavioral science discipline

* Experience with web 2.0 and rich internet concepts and
delivery methodologies

Why Roundarch

Roundarch is a specialized consulting firm with offices in New York and
Chicago, (http://www.roundarch.com/). We bring together the best user
experience and technical skills to deliver outstanding innovative
solutions to our clients; Fortune 500 companies and large government
organizations. Our clients look to us to solve high-impact problems at
the heart of their business. Roundarch is amongst the first companies
to embrace Rich Internet / Web 2.0 design principles and technologies
and incorporate them into their design philosophy.

We are committed to User-Centered Design and don't cut corners. We
educate our clients on the process and practice the full cycle; from
contextual research to conceptualizing the solution to prototyping and
usability testing. We design with one goal in mind: "delight the user."

Roundarch is a true multi-disciplinary environment with dynamic
management that respects and recognizes its employees for their
contribution to the success of the company.

rossanne wankovsky + R O U N D A R C H + bus 312.529.2508 + mob

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